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Excluded Works

We’re proud to offer licences for a wide array of digital and print publications. However, authors and publishers have the right to exclude their work from these licences. That’s why it’s important to regularly check the ICLA’s Excluded Works List, and understand what to do if permissions change for work you have copied.

Checking the Excluded Works List

We update the Excluded Works List at the start of each academic year. All licensees should check for any changes at that time, but need not check on the occasion of each use of a work.

What to do if a copied work becomes excluded during the licence term

If a work not previously excluded becomes excluded during a licence period, we will notify all licensees. Any digital copies of that work should be deleted within one month of receipt of such notification. However, if any of these digital copies are still being used for a course at the time of notification, the use can be continued until the end of the academic year.

Excluded categories

None of the following categories of works is included in the definition of Licensed Material because the ICLA is not mandated to authorise their use. These materials cannot be copied under an ICLA licence and direct permission from the rightsholder will be needed.

Public Sector Information is published under a Creative Commons CC-BY licence unless otherwise specified.

For the use of government publications please refer to the European Union Regulations on Open Data and Re-Use of Public Sector Information (S.I. No. 376 of 2021).

Works that consist predominantly of maps or charts. ‘Charts’ means charts that are similar to maps. For example, sea charts, weather charts and hydrographic charts. (Other types of charts – e.g. pie charts and flowcharts – are covered by the licence). Information about the licensing of Ordnance Survey Ireland products can be found at

Publications intended for a student to write on and for once-only use.

Musical scores, including the words.

Leaflets, reports and other publications without an ISBN or ISSN. With no standardised identifier ICLA cannot determine copyright ownership and remunerate usage under its licences.

Any publication which includes a notice expressly stipulating that it cannot be copied under an ICLA licence. This would normally appear at the front of a publication, along with the name of the publisher and the general copyright notice.


ICLA’s licences override the ‘all rights reserved’ prohibition to copy notice in the front of all copyright material, unless expressly excluded. Permission to copy excluded items or quantities in excess of the limits stated in ICLA licences should be sought from the individual publisher on each occasion.