ICLA licenses educational establishments and businesses to copy Irish and overseas publications. To find out what is being copied, we conduct regular, statistically significant sample surveys in licensed organisations. We then distribute licence fees to copyright holders on the basis of what our surveys find, which means tracing the copyright holders of all the publications that have been copied. This is time consuming and can be difficult if the publication is quite old.

If you are, or have been, based in Ireland and are the copyright holder of book, magazine or journal content, it may be that we have collected money for you/your organisation and have not been able to trace you.

It is important you sign up with ICLA. This will allow you to:

  • receive fair payment for any copying
  • tell us to add your work(s) to the ‘Excluded titles list’ if you don’t want them to be copied under the licence
  • save having to deal with multiple requests for secondary copying.

This is particularly relevant if your publications are used in schools, colleges, universities or businesses of any type.

Are we holding licensing revenues for your titles?

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