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In about the year 500AD, St Colmcille borrowed a book of the Gospels from St Finnian of Maigh Bhile and secretly copied it. On realising what had been done, Finnian demanded the return of the book and also the copy. Colmcille objected, saying that the copy was his. The matter was referred to Diarmaid mac Cearrbheoil, the high king. His judgement was le gach bó a buinín agus le gach leabhar a chóip, to every cow her calf and to every book its copy.

Welcome to the Irish Copyright Licensing Agency, Ireland's reproduction rights organisation.

ICLA works on behalf of Ireland’s authors, visual creators and publishers to license the use of their copyright works in return for fair compensation


Are we holding licensing revenues for your titles?


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We license schools, colleges, universities, language schools, businesses and other organisations to copy extracts from published works


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Are we holding licensing revenues for your titles?


ICLA licenses educational establishments and businesses to copy Irish and overseas publications. To find out what is being copied, we conduct regular, statistically significant sample surveys in licensed organisations. We then distribute licence fees to copyright holders on the basis of what our surveys find, which means tracing the copyright holders of all the publications that have been copied. This is time consuming and can be difficult if the publication is quite old.


If you are, or have been, based in Ireland and are the copyright holder of book, magazine or journal content, it may be that we have collected money for you/your organisation and have not been able to trace you. Please contact us at or +353 1 662 4211 to find out.


Sign up with ICLA if you are an Irish copyrightholder


If you are, or have been, based in Ireland and are the copyright holder of book, magazine or journal content (words or images), then it is important you sign up with ICLA. This will allow you to:


o receive fair payment for any copying


o tell us to add your work(s) to the ‘Excluded titles list’ if you don’t want them to be copied under the licence


o save having to deal with multiple requests for secondary copying.


This is particularly relevant if your publications are used in schools, colleges, universities or businesses of any type.


Please contact us at or +353 1 662 4211


Do you need an ICLA licence?


Educational establishments


It is mandatory for any educational establishment wishing to make multiple copies of a variety of copyright-protected works to have a licence. ICLA operates the only scheme in Ireland from which such a licence can be obtained. Please follow the links for [primary schools] [post-primary schools] [higher education] to find out more about what our licences cover and/or contact us at [general email address] or +353 1 662 4211


Business and Adminstration


Does anyone in your organisation:


have access to photocopiers and/or scanners?


have general access to the internet?


receive, or subscribe to, online or printed journals or work-related magazines?


maintain a library of publications for information or reference?


maintain a digital resource for storing copies of journal articles, book chapters or magazine cuttings?


make copies of books, journals or magazines?


receive press cuttings from a media agency or equivalent?


If the answer to any of these is ‘Yes’, then you need to have a licence to ensure your organisation is not breaking the law and that the people who created the material you may be re-using are properly compensated.


For details of ICLA’s Business Licence see Contact ICLA on or +353 1 662 4211


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Excluded Works

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