About the Licence

The ICLA schools licence provides blanket permissions to copy from millions of books, journals, magazines and newspapers published in Ireland and abroad. This means that the text and images from these works is automatically included in our repertoire and the copyright owner has to specifically request if they wish to exclude a work from the licence.

The schools licence allows you to re-use content in your lessons without having to clear permissions to do so – this has already been done.

Why should I care about Copyright? Copyright Infographic

Information on copyright licencing in schools, In Plain English

In order to distribute the licence income back to the copyright owners your school may be asked to participate in a data collection exercise. Learn more here

Terms & Conditions of the licence


Refer to the Excluded Works List for works which are not subject to the blanket licence and therefore should not be reproduced without explicit permission from the right holder.

Music Licences

Using music in school? Read this first

The Printed Music Licence provides annual blanket permission to copy and reuse content from printed music. This covers activities such as making photocopies and scans from printed music, using score-writing software programmes to arrange printed music, making notations by hand on copies of printed music, and sharing printed music on a school VLE.

Schools Printed Music Licence Guidelines and Terms & Conditions

The Limited Manufacture Licence provides your school with permission to produce products such as CDs and DVDs containing up to 120 minutes of music per product, for example the recording of student performances,  recordings solely used for tuition, and student films.

Schools Limited Manufacture Licence Guidelines and  Terms & Conditions