Copyright Law in Ireland has changed and in line with that ICLA is able to license schools with a brand-new set of terms and conditions well suited to blended learning, starting in September 2020.

As universities face a long-term move to a mix of campus and distance learning, the new ICLA Licence enables the creation and distribution of digital and printed materials for students based on copyright works that are available to your HEI.

Copying text and still images for educational use

In Ireland, books, magazines, journals, digital publications and websites are protected by Irish copyright law, and that law applies to everyone. So when a teacher wants to provide copies of content from a website or a book or magazine for their students, they need permission to do so; that permission is granted for up to 10%/one chapter/one article, or the online equivalent, by an ICLA Higher Education Licence.

Your Licence

Terms & Conditions of the HE licence (S.I. No. 277 of 2020)

Excluded Works List – works which are not subject to the blanket licence and therefore should not be reproduced without explicit permission from the right holder.

Increase in extent limit

If your institution is using either the Digital Content Store or Talis Aspire, you will be able to avail of a further temporary extension to the licence terms until July 2021.  The extent limit for copying from print books is increased so institutions can copy up to 20% or 2 chapters, whichever is the greater, instead of the current 10%.  This applies to books published by participating publishers only (140 opt-ins).

Important conditions apply:
  1. This amendment applies only where no digital edition is available through commercial channels. 
  2. These temporary extent limits apply to print books published by participating publishers only, and specifically exclude anthologies, plays or poetry.
  3. The changes to licence terms are effective to 31 July 2021. After that date the Licence Terms will revert to the original terms and the copying limit will revert to 10%.
  4. All usage will be monitored through the DCS, Talis Aspire or other approved workflow system provider and all extracts uploaded under this special provision must be removed from the DCS, Talis Aspire or equivalent system by 31 July 2021 at the latest.
  5. Copying under these temporary arrangements should not substitute for the purchase of original content, including a digital edition of the same book where this is available.
Publishers who have opted in to the temporary increased extent limits for the ICLA HE Licence.   
This list will be updated regularly. (Source:
ACC Art Books Limited
Allison and Busby Limited
Anness Publishing
Archaeological and Architectural Society of Durham and Northumberland
Archbishops Council
Archetype Publications Limited
Architectural Technology Services Limited
Archive Publishing
Association for Family Therapy Limited
Association for Scottish Literary Studies Limited
Association of Teachers of Mathematics Limited
Benediction Classics Limited
Berghahn Books Limited
Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation Limited
BioScientifica Limited
Bloomsbury (all imprints)
Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society
Bristol University Press
British Psychological Society
British School at Athens
British Small Animal Veterinary Association
C Hurst & Co Publishers Limited
Cambridge Philological Society
Cambridge University Press
Capstone Global Library Limited
Carcanet Press Limited
CG Jung Club London
CG Jung Club London
Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals
Child Poverty Action Group
Colin Smythe Limited
Colourpoint Creative Limited
CoramBAAF Adoption and Fostering Academy
Crown House Publishing Limited
Design Council
Eland Publishing Limited
Emerald Publishing Limited
Equality and Human Rights Commission
Equinox Publishing Limited - Journals
European Respiratory Society Journals Limited
Evangelical Press
Exeter Press Limited
Field Studies Council Limited
Fordham University Press
Francis Cairns (Publications) Limited
Garth Publishing Services
Geological Society of London
Georg Thieme Verlag KG
Greenwich Exchange Limited
Hadrian Books Limited
Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society
Hawthorn Press Limited
Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion
Hyphen Press
Immediate Media Company Limited
Imprint Academic Limited
Institute of Art and Law Limited
Intellect Limited
IOP Publishing Limited
JNCC Support Co
John Libbey Publishing Limited
John Wiley and Sons
Kevin Mayhew Limited
Kings College London
Kogan Page Limited
Lantern Publishing Limited
Laurence King Publishing Limited
Law Society of Scotland
Legal Action Group Limited
Liverpool University Press
LSA Publications
Luath Press Limited
Lund Humphries Publishers Limited
Mac Keith Press Limited
Maghreb Review
Management Pocketbooks Limited
Marion Boyars Publishers Limited
Mathematical Association
Optimus Professional Publishing Limited
O'Reilly UK Limited
Oxford Publishing Limited (Academic) (OUP)
Panaf Limited TA Panaf Books
Pearson UK Ltd
Pen and Sword Books Limited
Pinter and Martin Limited
Pluto Books Limited
Practical Action Publishing Limited
Reaktion Books Limited
Regional Furniture Society
RIBA 1834 Limited
RM Education Limited
Royal Numismatic Society
Royal Society
SAGE (all imprints)
Sage Publications India Pvt Limited
Salt Publishing
Scarlet Press Limited
Scholastic Limited
School Library Association Limited
School of Advanced Study
Scion Publishing Limited
Scottish History Society
Scottish Society for Northern Studies
Scottish Text Society
Seagull Books London Limited
Search Press Limited
Sheffield Phoenix Press Limited
Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle Upon Tyne
Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
Sort Of Limited
Spiramus Press Limited
SpringerNature (all imprints)
Tarquin Publications Limited
Taylor & Francis (all imprints)
Technical and Educational Services Limited
Triarchy Press Limited
Troubador Publishing Limited
Universities Federation for Animal Welfare
University of Bath - Journal of Economics Policy and Transport
University of Glasgow Press
University of Illinois Press
University of Law Limited
University of Nottingham
University of Reading
University of St Andrews
University of Strathclyde
Watts Writers Limited
White Cockade Publishing
White Horse Press
Whiting & Birch Limited
Wildy and Sons Limited
Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Company
Wolters Kluwer Health
Wordsworth Editions Limited
Worth Publishing Limited
Writers and Readers Limited