Most institutions engaged in the organisation, delivery, accreditation and validation of programmes of Higher Education in Ireland currently hold a licence to cover educational copying with ICLA.

If your institution is involved in the delivery of courses of Higher Education – but does not have an ICLA licence for multiple copying of extracts of licensed material – please contact us.

Terms & Conditions of the HE licence [PDF]

Excluded Works List [PDF] – works which are not subject to the blanket licence and therefore should not be reproduced without explicit permission from the right holder.

The Licence Period for the Higher Education Licence is 1st October to 30th September of each year. Renewal notices will issue in January annually.

In support of the key processes of learning, teaching and research, the Licence facilitates secondary access to content by making lawful the multiple photocopying of extracts of books, journals, magazines and newspapers – within prescribed extent limits – by / for / on behalf of an Educational Institution.