Most institutions engaged in the organisation, delivery, accreditation and validation of programmes of Higher Education in Ireland currently hold a licence to cover educational copying with ICLA.

If your institution is involved in the delivery of courses of Higher Education – but does not have an ICLA licence for multiple copying of extracts of licensed material – please contact us.

Terms & Conditions of the HE licence [PDF]

Excluded Works List [PDF] – works which are not subject to the blanket licence and therefore should not be reproduced without explicit permission from the right holder.

The Licence Period for the Higher Education Licence is 1st October to 30th September of each year. Renewal notices will issue in January annually.

In support of the key processes of learning, teaching and research, the Licence facilitates secondary access to content by making lawful the multiple photocopying of extracts of books, journals, magazines and newspapers – within prescribed extent limits – by / for / on behalf of an Educational Institution.

ICLA Higher Education Licence – Temporary Extension (valid until 31st August 2020)

ICLA is delighted to announce that following consultation with publisher stakeholders, it will be temporarily relaxing key terms of the Higher Education Licence, until 31st August, or sooner if institutions re-open, to give academics, libraries and students increased access to learning resources during this difficult period. 

ICLA are permitting the use of material on the VLE and other platforms without any further layers of complexity until 31st August 2020.  What we would ask is that the institutions, where practicable, keep records of materials used and send that to us as a record of usage data when this period ends.

ICLA will also relax the requirement for the HEIs to own an original – this will enable lecturers to make use of any extract of an original owned personally by them which is not currently in the ownership of the licensed institution.  This change is effective up to 31st August 2020 and usage should be monitored though a workflow system.

We have also increased the extent limit for copying from print books so institutions can copy up to 30% or 3 chapters, whichever is the greater, instead of the current 10%. This applies to books published by participating publishers only as listed below.

Important conditions apply:

1.      These temporary extent limits apply to print books only, and specifically exclude anthologies, plays or poetry.

2.      The changes to licence terms are effective to 30 June 2020. After that date the Licence Terms will revert to the original terms and the copying limit will revert to 10%.

3.      All usage will be monitored through the DCS or other approved workflow system provider or reported in full by 31st August 2020.

4.      Copying under these temporary arrangements should not substitute for the purchase of original content, including a digital edition of the same book where this is available.

Publishers who have opted in to the temporary increased extent limits for the ICLA HE Licence.   

This list will be updated regularly.

Anness Publishing
Archbishops Council
Architectural Technology Services Limited
Archive Publishing
Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation Limited
BioScientifica Limited
Bloomsbury Academic and Professional
Bloomsbury Adult Publishing
Bloomsbury Childrens and Educational
Bloomsbury Information Limited
British Psychological Society
British School at Athens
Cambridge Philological Society
Cambridge University Press
Capstone Global Library Limited
Colourpoint Creative Limited
Crown House Publishing Limited
Design Council
Dunedin Academic Press Limited
Eland Publishing Limited
Elsevier Books Limited
Emerald Publishing Limited
Equality and Human Rights Commission
European Respiratory Society Journals Limited
Evangelical Press
Field Studies Council Limited
Fiscal Publications
Francis Cairns (Publications) Limited
Geological Society of London
Greenwich Exchange Limited
Group for Education in Museums
Hall and Stott Publishing Limited
Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society
Hawthorn Press Limited
Hodder and Stoughton Educational Limited
Hymns Ancient and Modern Limited
Immediate Media Company Limited
Indexreach Limited
Infinite Ideas Limited
JNCC Support Co
John Libbey Publishing Limited
John Wiley and Sons
Key Publishing Limited
Kings College London
Kirwin Maclean Associates Limited
Kogan Page Limited
LSA Publications
Mathematical Association
McGraw-Hill Education (UK) Limited
MIT Press Limited
Nick Hern Books Limited
Northamptonshire Archaeological Society
Oxbow Books Limited
Oxford Publishing Limited (EDUK)
Oxford University Press (Academic)
Oxford University Press (ELT)
Pearson Education Limited
Philosophy Now
Phoenix Publishing House Limited
Pluto Books Limited
Reed Business Information Limited
Regional Furniture Society
RM Education Limited
Royal Numismatic Society
Royal Society of Chemistry
Sage Publications India Pvt Limited
Sage Publications Limited
School Library Association Limited
School of Advanced Study
Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
Springer Nature (Red Globe Press)
Springer Nature BV (Nature)
Springer Nature BV (Palgrave Scholarly)
Springer Nature BV (Springer)
Springer Nature Limited (Macmillan Education)
Tarquin Publications Limited
Taylor and Francis (Books) Limited
Triarchy Press Limited
Tufnell Press
Tyndale House Limited
University of Nottingham
Watts Writers Limited
White Horse Press
Wild Goose Publications
WIT Press Limited
Wolters Kluwer Health (P&E) Limited