Does anyone in your organisation:

  • have access to photocopiers and/or scanners?
  • have general access to the internet?
  • receive, or subscribe to, online or printed journals or work-related magazines?
  • maintain a library of publications for information or reference?
  • maintain a digital resource for storing copies of journal articles, book chapters or magazine cuttings?
  • make copies of books, journals or magazines?
  • receive press cuttings from a media agency or equivalent?

If the answer to any of these is ‘Yes’, then you need to have a licence to ensure your organisation is not breaking the law and that the people who created the material you may be re-using are properly compensated.

We offer a general commercial licence for businesses and administration and specifically tailored licences for the legal and pharmaceutical sectors.

General Commercial / Administration Licence Guidance Sheet [PDF]

Law Guidance Sheet [PDF]

Pharmaceutical Licence Guidance Sheet [PDF]

For further details of ICLA’s Commercial Licence please contact us.